side trip to Corsica

Here comes (finally!) the account and some photos:

I never have travelled so far for a long weekend, but the project was too attractive. three days paddling at Corsica with TiKayak, mostly with people from Genova, I already knew from former trips! I, just in time, had overcome a bad flu and so I took the chance…

To avoid travelling all the way from Zuerich to Genova by myself I was to meet Enrico at Lugano and then to travel (with my kayak) on his car to Genova. In the evening we should meet the other members of the group and take the ferry to Corsica.

Some pictures instead of many words:


Urnersee, on the way to Lugano

Loading the kayaks on the car roof at Genova

loading the kayaks on the car roof at Genova

the kayaks seen from below

the kayaks seen from below

on the ferry

on the ferry to Corsica

We had to renounce to our initial idea of paddling around the Scandola peninsula, as the meteo announced strong winds in this region. A real pity, because the Natural Park must be very impressive. Seagulls, cormorants and sea eagles can be found there. The clear waters, with their islets and inaccessible caves, host a rich marine life.

Scandola reserve, Gulf of Girolata

File:0 Scandola Osani JPG4.jpg

red cliffs

The afternoon of our first day on Corsica (saturday) the situation was not too bad. We could start directly from the little beach below the camping and we had a good paddle in the bay. The next day (sunday) we decided to transfer to St. Florent and to paddle in the gulf of St. Florent. Another nice paddle – as long as we didn’t leave the shelter of the bay… The color of the water at some points in the bay was terrific:


The next (and our last) day the winds had doubled, so no kayaking at all. We just went by car to Porto and had a look at the Porto bay:



And here the video of our tour, compiled by Sinsa:



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