buone feste, bonne année, happy new year, gutes neues Jahr …

… waiting for next-year kayaking

Like most wheelchair users, I am waiting for less snow and rain, more sun, milder temperatures – in short for conditions which would allow me to get paddling again. I would like to send season greetings to all paddling folks and especially to my friends! Some of you still go on kayaking in these months (I know that lakes and sea can be especially beautiful during the winter months, and I surely would prefer to be able to go on paddling during this time); others, like me, have their kayaks in a garage or barn, and (for diverse reasons) don’t go paddling.

But even if there are still three months of winter, the days are already becoming longer. So I’m beginning to prepare mentally the 2013 tours. I really hope to meet again many of you, and to have fun on the water.

… bits and pieces about swimming and other aquatic exercises

In the meantime I do some swimming (in pools), once or twice a week. Last month I attended a watsu and water dance workshop (practising partner exercises). Now I try to practise solo (in pools with warm water when I find enough space to move around).

For those of you who don’t know the watsu method, have a look at the following video:

Buone feste e buon anno a tutti gli amici italiani, aspettando di rivedervi ad estate dell’anno 2013! Siccome colle attuali condizioni invernali non posso andare in kayak, sto praticando almeno il nuoto. E ho fatto un stage di watsu (praticando nel ruolo attivo e anche in quello passivo) il mese scorso. Per tutti quelli che non conoscono il watsu, il video qua sopra può darvi un idea.

Der Winter ist fuer mich, wie fuer die meisten Rollstuhlfahrer, eine eher muehsame Jahreszeit.  Die meteorologischen Bedingungen (Kaelte, Schnee, Eis) stellen zusaetzliche Herausforderungen im Alltag dar und ich bin dadurch, in vielerlei Hinsicht, noch eingeschraenkter als sonst. Ausser Schwimmen (und eher selten Handbiken) komme ich zurzeit kaum zu lustvoller Bewegung. Immerhin habe ich in den vergangenen Monaten WaTa Workshops gemacht, und experimentiere nun hie und da “solo” in einem Pool (die seltenen Male, bei denen ich das Becken fuer mich allein habe). Das ist natuerlich etwas voellig Anderes als Kajakfahren, aber es ist immerhin  Bewegung in meinem liebsten Element (und erlaubt mir ueberdies ein Bewegungsspektrum, das an Land nicht oder kaum moeglich waere).

Euch allen die besten Wuensche fuers 2013 (nachdem die Welt ja noch nicht untergegangen ist, haben wir vielleicht Gelegenheit, uns im naechsten Sommer wieder auf dem Wasser zu treffen).

Addendum: In the next few months there will probably not be many posts on this blog. But I promise I’ll resume writing on a regularly basis in march or april.


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