Lake Sils

Der Wetterbericht fuers Wochenende war am Freitag wenig einladend – dennoch kamen wir am Samstag in den Genuss eines ziemlich schoenen Tags auf dem Silsersee. Start und Ziel in Maloja, leichter Wind (etwa 4-5 Bft) und maessige Wellen. Es regnete nicht, ab und zu schien sogar die Sonne. Fuer unsere Mittagspause mit Picknick war es gerade warm genug. Den See hatten wir  fuer uns allein, ausser Wasservoegeln – und einigen Wanderern den Ufern entlang – sahen wir nur, von ferne, die Autos auf der Strasse von Silvaplana nach Maloja. Am anderen Ufer (Naturschutzgebiet) war es voellig ruhig. Und rundherum die Berge (teilweise schneebedeckt) …

Click on the link to see the route:

lake Sils, half an hour before we started paddling

our kayaks, ready to start

half an hour after the start

photos: Manu Sassella

Though the weather forecast was bad, we had the chance to paddle with sunshine on saturday. Very impressive panorama, a lot of waterbirds, some “wanderers” along the shores. 4-5 Bft (wind), which means some, but not too much waves, and a very good group of five paddlers (guides Enrico and Manuela from TiKayak) – added to the pleasure of a day on the lake. More pictures will follow.


2 Responses to “Lake Sils”

  1. 1 Alessandro 11/08/2011 at 11:33

    Hallo denyse, it was a wonderfull week-end!
    I was very happy to spend my time with Tikayak and you in Engadine. I know very well that valley, but that was first time I have paddled … and I had a bath!!! (air temperature was 10-12°C; water temperature … I don’t know, but not so warm!)
    I hope to see you soon, please send my your e-mail
    kiss, Alessandro

    • 2 esyned 11/08/2011 at 11:54

      Grazie Alessandro, anch’io ho apprezzato molto la tua compagnia. Coraggioso, che sei andato a fare il bagno :-)! Peccato per la machina fotografica, ma spero che hai potuto salvare le foto (e magari anche la macchina). Ti manderò il mio indirizzo email direttamente – e spero ti rivederti presto. Un’abbraccio, Denyse

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